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Two photos from a School Camp, 1956

A photo from a Lydney Grammar School Camp taken in 1956.

PHOTO 1 (above)

Row 2: 1 Roger Elway, 2 Mike James, 3 Bev Dovey, 4 Mr Alf Barlow, 5 Ken Hyde, 6 John Isles, 7 ? Smith, 8. Gerald Hayward.
Row 1: 1 Conway Gardener, 2 Pete Harris, 3 Gerald Nelmes, 4 Tony Box, 5 David Imm, 6. Geoffrey Hayward , 7 Graham Probert

Peter Richards added: "... photo is of the "Advance party" volunteers usually from the 6th form who went down to the site to prepare it before the main band of campers arrive. Duties included setting up tents, cooking facilities and digging the waste pits!!!

A photo taken at LGS camp in 1956PHOTO 2

Row 2: 1. Janet Thornton, 2 Mademoiselle Elisabeth Touchard (French Teacher), 3 Cynthia Harris, 4 Pete Harris, 5. Michael Leemin, 6 John Isles,, 7 Ivan Hurcum, 8 Barbara Baker, 9 Joan Redding.
Row 1: David Pace, 2 David Imm, 3 Mr D’Aubin with Julian, 4. Dennis McKernon, 5. Pat Arnold, 6 Anne Lee, 7 Alma Parfitt.

Hazel Isles added the "French Teacher" is Mademoiselle Elisabeth Touchard, French Assistant during 1955-56, who married Dr. Howells.

Thanks also to Anthony Preest, Keith Kear and Peter Richards.

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