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Lydney Grammar School - 1939 - section 1.

Lgs 1939

Lydney Grammar School, May 1939 - 1

Row 7: 1G Eileen Padfield, 2B John Ford, 3G, 4B, 5G Thelma Davis, 6B Mike Fletcher, 7G Valerie Rees, 8B Smith, 9G Edith Phillips, 10B Pengilly?, 11G Evelyn Penningtonn, 12B Alan Bounds, 13G, 14B John Hatton, 15G Myra Davis,
Row 6: 1B Tom Collins, 2B Lloyd Jenkins, 3G Marjorie Bowen, 4B Royston Charles, 5G Dorothea Wilson, 6B, 7G, 8B 'Stunnum' Hughes, 9G Margaret Charles, 10B Graham? Fowler, 11G, 12B Henry Thomas, 13G, 14B Bob Joiner, 15G Alice Organ, 16B,
Row 5: 1B Maurice Thomas, 2B Peter Newnham, 3G Sheila Woolerton, 4B Pengelley, 5G Muriel Oliffe, 6B David Emery, 7G Kitty Morgan?, 8B Walter Davies, 9G Margaret lowe, 10B Eric Higgs, 11G Mary Lord, 12B Peter Mason,13G, 14B John Morris, 15G Margaret Meadows,
Row 4: 1G Joyce Nelmes, 2G, 3G Barbara Haines, 4B, 5G Maureen Nash, 6B, 7G Peggy Vickery, 8B Hugh James, 9G, 10B Ewart Ctinchcombe, 11G Dorothy Webb, 12B Peter Wiggell, 13 G Muriel Jones, 14 B Michael Collins, 15G Christian Fisher, 16B,
Row 3: 1B Sid Challenger, 2G Olive Vines, 3G Irene Tomkins, 4G Nancy Wilks, 5G Joyce Capener, 6G Margaret Burch, 7G Avis Phipps, 8G Mary Melmes, 9G Winnie Davies, 10G Kate Lewis, 11G Elizabeth Emery, 12G Nancy Evans, 13G Pat Crombie,
Row 2: 1B Bernard Weston, 2B Stanley Hughes, 3 B Norman Allen, 4B Robert Hurst, 5B 'Digger' Stanley, 6B Herbert Seville, 7B ? Mason, 8G Espeth Evans, 9B Cliff Gale, 10G Dora Hodges, 11B Bob Sterry, 12G Daphne Lewis,
Row 1 (Front) 1B Taylor, 2G Monica Smart, 3B Barnard (Newnham), 4G Avis Burrows, 5B George Webb, 6G Pat Cooke, 7B Brian Knight, 8G Perry Neal

B=boy, G=girl, L=lady teacher, M=male teacher

Names supplied by Anne McOwan Dobbs who added (May 2012) "... I recently came across ... information sheets and thought they might be useful to anyone looking for their relatives on the LGS 1939 photo. I think the information must have been obtained at an Old Grammarians Reunion in 1997".

There are 414 people on the photo.

Photo by Ray Studios Ltd, Braintree, Essex.

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