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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1955 - section 4.

LGS 1955

1955 School Photo - 4

(Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at the photo, Start at first whole face)

Row 8: 1 John Cecil, 3 John Baker 4 June Meek 5 Denis McKernon, 7 Terry Brown,
Row 7: 4 Jennifer Groves, 6 Ken Davis
Row 6: 1 Ian Yates, 3 Norman Sterry 7 , 9 Conway Gardiner, 11 Roger Reissner ,
Row 5: 1 Rosemary Nettle, 4 Mike Perrett, 6 Mike Leeming, 7 Jennifer Hadley, 8 Bill Taylor, 10 Keith (Blondie) Williams, 14 John Isles,
Row 4: Lesley Powell, 2 Max Wilkins, 4 George Haddock, 5 Wendy Chadwick, 9 Neil Brambell 10 David Parfitt 12 Anita George 16 Ann Baker
Row 3: 1 Anthony Dalbyn, 4 Virginia Rogers, 6 Barry Stump, 12 Rosemary Ellis
Row 2: 5 Phillipa Dunn 7 Elizabeth Holden
Row 1: 6 Barbara Isles, 9 Jimmy Watkins

Thanks to Gill Knowles, Phillipa Grundy, Bill Stump, Roy Powell, Dave Bocking, Conway Gardiner, David Hale, John Cecil, Jennifer Groves, Anita Davies (nee George) and Sophie Reissner for help with the names.

Photo by Ray Studio Ltd, Braintree, Essex (Est'd 1911)

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