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Lydney Grammar School Prefects in 1966.

LGS 5 Alpha

Norman added : "Here is another photo, somewhat scurrilous as I took it while the official photographer was trying to focus. I think it should be Form 5 Alpha in about 1966".

Dave Willetts added (October 2010): "... The photo is of the prefects in 1966".
Norman Abbott added (October 2011): "... "Graeme Crump tells me that this wasnt a class photo but a photo of the prefects".

Row 3: (all those at back, L to R) 1 Michael Thomas, 2 Norman Taylor 3 David Svendsen, 4 Robert Pace, 5 (girl behind row 2) ,6 Alan Townley, 7 (girl behind row 2) Susan King, 8 David Dunstan (partly concealed), 9 Robert Ford, 10 Sid Thomas, 11 (looking up) Adrian Morgan, 12 (holding up one hand) Julian DAubyn.
Row 2: 1 (standing on one leg) Graham Crump, 2 Susan Petersen , 3 Sheila Milner, 4 Lois Weston, 5 Kathryn Lloyd, 6 Susan Fox, 7 Hilary Leach, 8 Jane Rosser , 9 Rosemary PaskHughes.
Row 1: (seated) 1 Margaret Swinyard, 2 Sandra Preston, 3 Rosemary Head, 4 Mr Pitt, 5 Norman Beale, 6 Dave Willetts, 7 Mike Evans.

Thanks also to Adrian Morgan, Heather Cook, Sue Meek, Dave Willetts, Ian Thomas and Lesley Parker (in Tasmania).

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