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Lydney Secondary School (later Lydney Grammar School) - c 1914.

Lydney Secondary School 1914

2 Mr Frank Dixon, 4 Mr Ellison, 14 Alec Morris, 19 Florence Freeman, 21 Ernest Kimberley Organ, 35 Lilian Willetts.

Jan Secchi added (March 2015): "... number 19 is my Grandmother Florence Freeman. She married Ralph Blake from the Ross on Wye Blake Family. His uncle was Thomas. Blake the first M.P. for the Forest. I recognised her immediately as my niece is the absolute double of her great grandmother. I remember her telling me how she loved to play hockey for her school in Lydney".

Jonathan Rew added (September 2019): "... No.21 is my maternal grandfather, Ernest Kimberley Organ (1990-1996). He lived in Purton and cycled each day to Sharpness station where he would catch the train to Lydney".

Thanks also to Lorraine Creber.


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