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Lydney Grammar School Photo 1936 - part 3.

LGS  School photo 1936.

1936 School Photo - 3
  (Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at the photo, Start at first whole face).

Row 6: 3 Marie Bendall
Row 5:
Row 4: 9 Gwyneth Birt
Row 3:
Row 2: 3 Mrs Higgs
Row 1 : 4 Eleanor 'Norrie' James, 5 Marjorie Dorrington

Penelope Pearson added (July 2013): "... believe that in the fourth row nine girls from the left as they are looking out toward the camera is my mother, Gwyneth Birt. I found her identified in an earlier photo LGS Girls Tennis 1935. She has past these 10 years now. You don't know what an absolute thrill it was for me to find these photos of her as a young girl, 15. She fondly remembered her time at LGS and growing up in Berkley in a diary she wrote for me before she died. Thank you so much for this opportunity to see my mother again ..."

Thanks also to Robert Tampen and Mrs J Johnson.

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