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Lydney Grammar School Photo 1936 - part 4.

LGS 1936 school photo.

1936 School Photo - 4
(Row 1 is nearest the camera, number pupils from left to right looking at Start at first whole face).
Row 5 (back row): 3 Una Crombie,
Row 4: 1 Iris Jones from Aylburton Common, 6th from right = Eileen Harvey (now Griffiths, daughter of poet F.W. Harvey) End right is Sheila Woolerton.
Row 3: (standing on ground - 2 rows left to right) 12 Peggy Pyne (Peggy is the good-looking girl with short hair, apparently she stood out because her hair was different and she was popular with other girls for being 'modern'), 14 Pearl? or Molly? Reeks.
Row 2: (sitting on chairs) 1 Joan Butterfield (?), 1 Margaret Burch (eldest daughter of J C Burch), 3 Mary Burch (headmaster's daughter), 4 Patricia Crombie Williams, 8 Olive Hawkins (now Kennedy)
Row 1: (sitting on ground) 5 Thelma Peggy Phipps,

Thanks to Kim Feldman who added (August 2011) "... Back Row, Third full face from the left-hand side is my Aunt Mary Paticia Crombie married name is Williams. She is living in Waterloo Ontario Canada and is 90 years old. She has 4 children 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild".

Tony Jenkins added (May 2013): "... Front row sitting nearest to camera position 5 is my mother Thelma Peggy Phipps. My mother was brought up by her grandparents Frank and Catherine Phipps of the Square Parkend".

Thanks also to Vanstone-Walker, Val J Burgess, Marie Fraser and Mrs J Johnson.

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