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Lydney Grammar School Form 1G pupils and Form Master, 1963.

An old photo of from 1g in 1963

Form 1G, 1963

Top row: 1. Lesley Roberts?, 2 David Davis, 3 Geoff Page, 4 Christopher Hale, 5 Keith Hopes 6 David Browning, 7 Adrian Legge, 8 Alan Wintle, 9 Glyn James, 10 Graham Wildin, 11 Stuart Blencowe, 12, David Allen.
Middle Row: 1 Derek Smith, 2 Michael Barden, 3. Heather Fearne 4 Lesley Powell, 5 Virginia Aubrey, 6 ?, 7 Christine Parry, 8 ?, 9. Alan Gilding, 10. Philip John
Bottom Row: 1. Nicola Walker, 2 Sheila Challenger, 3 Carol Davies, 4. Hilary Davey?, 5 Mr Lawrence, 6. Vicky Ruddy? 7. Lynn Hooton, 8 Julia Page, 9 Susan Aldridge.

Thanks also to Lynne Paddock and Glyn James.

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