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Lydney Grammar School Boxing Championship 1948/9.

LGS gym

The photo is from c. 1949-50 - champs and contenders.

All those STANDING (L-R) : (Standing Total 26) 3. Rex Cole 4. John Thomas small forward 5. Brian Boothby towel 9. Leyson James towel 10. Brian Kear aka Cabbage 11. Mr Barlow 12 _ Endy 13. Mr Parfitt 14. John Howells Head Boy 16 Derek James 17. _ Yates 19. _ Gwynne 20. Derek Hyde 22. Derek Worgan 25. Dicky Kear

All those Squatting/sitting (L-R) (total of 18) 1. Terry Parsons of Berkeley, 3. Claud Jefferies, 4 (in boxing gloves), 5. Tony Davis a.k.a. Bonar 6. Derek Mc Cullough 7. Ken Hyde 9. Nigel Glew a.k.a. Sticky 10. John Williams 12. Cedric Williams a.k.a. Sosco 13. Norman Nelmes behind 14. Clive Roberts at front. 15. John Hampton at front. 16. Clive Goulding behind. 17, 18. _ Davies.

Inside the Gym, pupils can be seen climbing all over the wall bars.

Thanks also to Neville Slee and Keith Kear.

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