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The Bathurst Park Oak in Lydney.

Bathurst Park Oak

The Bathurst Park Oak and St Mary's spire.

Tony wrote: "... A photograph showing what was left of the magnificent old oak tree in Lydney's Bathurst Park. It was probably taken a couple of decades before it's eventual demise. It was documented as one of the oldest trees in the country with an enormous girth and a totally hollow trunk. Many generations of Lydney children must have climbed it's branches and hidden inside it".

Dave Dunn added (Feb 2009): "The oak tree image was selected for the blazer badge by Lydney Secondary School and was chosen because it was thought to be the oldest thing in Lydney. The school use to play rugby and cricket in the park right in front of the tree".

Eric Marshall wrote (June 2009): 'The secondary school motto was "Endurance" after the tree, no doubt!'.

David Essex added (March 2012): "... I lived at No. 16 Bathurst Park Road from 1955 to 1964 and spent many happy hours in the park climbing various trees including the old oak".

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