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Lydney Child Welfare Group in 1950.

Lydney Child Welfare

Olivia wrote: "... Here is a picture of the Lydney Child Welfare Group at a party held in the town hall in the (early 1950s). The names I know are as follows:

The window side of table from left to right :
1. Doreen Halford, 2.Mrs E.Halford, 3.Gordon Halford. 4.Gillian Lambert. 5.Mrs O.Lambert (now Kennedy}. 6.Mrs.P.Phillips. 7.Pat Phillips. 8.Phillip Phillips. 9.Mrs.C Jones with two boys. Mrs.B.Hawkins stood behind Gillian Lambert (her grand daughter)
Left hand side of table from left to right:
1.? 2.? 3.Mrs E.Moseley.4.Mrs.Handcock and son. 5.Mrs. Vi Barr. 6.Michael Barr. The little girl peeping behind Mrs Barr is Sandra Moseley. 7.Mrs J.Bayliss with daughter Avril Bayliss .8 Keith Thomas next to his mother Mrs.Lily Thomas (back view only..)".

"Every week the mothers met with their children at the town hall. Doctor Brambell and Nurse Neetby,the district nurse were usually there and the young babies were always weighed. A number of local women helped to run the group led by Mrs Hale.They were Mrs.Beard,Mrs.Darters, Mrs Cadwallader,Mrs.Manns. Mrs.Hawkins,Miss Thomas. This group started in 1947".

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