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The Home Guard in front of their Headquarters at Althorpe House, Lydney.

Forest of Dean Home Guard

The sign says: Headquarters 4th GLOS (FOREST) BN HOME GUARD

Row 3 (left to right): 1, 2 Thomas Reginald Jones, 3 George Pever, 4, 5 Jack Scott, 6,7 Jim Prosser, 8 (slightly forward), 9,10 (slightly forward).
Row 2: 1,2 Mr Turner,3,4,5 Captain Douglas Egerton Cope, 6 Gordon Williams, 7 Alfie Barlow?, 8,9
Row 1 (front row): 1 Clifford Hughes, 2,3,4 Maurice Jarrett, 5,6,7,8,9

Thanks also to Julie Faull, Anthony Cope, H J Warren, Peter Richards and Joyce Cooper.

Julie added that Clifford Hughes had the chemist shop.

Steve Willatt added (February 2010): "...front no. row 4 with the walking stick is my step grandfather Maurice Jarrett who had the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Forest Home Guard. He married Clarice Willatt who was the widow of R.L.Willatt who was a housemaster at Lydney Grammar school. She was the daughter of Ralph Williams my Greatgrandfather who owned Williams and Cotton ... Gordon Williams was the second son of Ralph and Mary ("Ittie") Williams of Williams and Cotton".

A Forester added (October 2010): "row 2 no 2 may be ... Mr Turner from Newerne chemists 1950s when it was next to Griffiths clothes shop".

Len Cooksley added (November 2010): "... Jack Scott was a doorman at Lydney Picture House".

Thanks also to Sherridan A Howley.

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