Lydney Grammar School - L.G.S. 1903-1973

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A book produced to celebrate the school
Various authors


This is the life story of a school, a school that has now outworn its usefulness to the community in which it was born and has flourished. But, to say that L.G.S. must die is only a half-truth; rather, we hope it will live on, like Ferdinand's ‘drowned father to suffer ‘a sea change into something rich and strange', with a new name, a different character and fresh ideals but still retaining the best of what it was, new-washed by a new time and for a fresh need.

This little book is a tribute to our school written by a few of the many people who knew and cared about it. The first contribution is by a well-respected man of Lydney who was a boy at the school in 1910; the final contributions are by children of eleven who entered the school in September of the last year of L.G.S. We have tried to make the tribute representative and should like to thank all those well-wishers who have helped us in the attempt, either by a written contribution or through verbal reminiscence. Nevertheless, it is not possible to put the whole of L.G.S. into one slim book; inevitably, much has been left unsaid or unrecognised. Furthermore, but for the unflagging zeal of one of our number, Mr. Joe Hotchkiss, much of the best and most interesting material would not have been presented. Not only has he contributed several long and scholarly articles himself, but he has also provided information for others. He bas brought to our task some of the qualities he exhibited so vividly in his professional career: complete dedication, meticulous attention to detail, a high sense of justice and great generosity of time and temper.

Editorial Committee;

Mr. E Beeley, Headmaster
Mr. H. T. Pitt, Deputy Head
Mr. R. G. Northam English Department
Mr. W. D. Ogden English Department
Miss Alice McRobie, Deputy Head Girls

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