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Lydney Grammar School from the air.

Image : LGS from the air (49k)

This photo shows most of the old LGS buildings, the Lydney Town Hall, the (now demolished) Institute (Art School).

The new Whitecross School buildings appear to be advancing menacingly from the right.

Heather Cook added (January 2017): "... just come accross this old picture of LGS. I went there from 1968 onwards. But what is more interesting is in the bottom of the photo is my grandparents cottage. (4 Old Furnace Cottages)- Russell and Emily Davis. The tiny white building at the bottom of the garden is the outside loo - hole in the ground!! Remember the cold and the spiders!! No lights of course! When I started LGS I used to pop in at breaktimes and see them. (not allowed really to leave premises) Happy memories",

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