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Lydney and District Hockey Club 1906-1927.

Lydney Hockey

Lydney and District Hockey Club


Back Row - A.B.Karn, W.Panter, J.H.Watts, G.T.L.Jones, F.G.Williams, H.Jones.
Middle Row - A.J.Watts, G.Garland, I.G.Grey (capt), W.McCoy, D.Grey.
Front Row - T.Grey, H.H.Howells.
Played 15, Won 8, Lost 7, Drawn 0, For 46, Against 38.


Back Row - P.Brain, G.T.L.Jones, J.H.Watts, J.Ellison.
Middle Row - L.J.Edwards, G.Garland, H.Jones (capt), A.J.Watts.
Front Row - H.Panter, I.Grey, H.H.Howells.


Back Row - J.G.Bowen (Hon Tres), H.C.Kerwood, S.Porter, J.Ellison (Hon Sec), T.F.Garland, S.G.Morris, F.C.Horwood, F.Dixon (Headmaster).
Front Row - L.G.Stock, R.E.Mortimore, G.J.Elliot (capt), W.E.Dimery, W.G.Robbins.
Played 21, Won 15, Lost 1, Drawn 5, For 102, Against 16.


Back Row - J.Ellison (Hon Sec), D.Clark, A.Morris, S.G Morris, J.Bell, T.Garland.
Middle Row - G,M.Parry, G.J.Elliot, H.C.Kerwood (capt), L.J.Bowen (Hon Tres), W.G.Robbins.
Front Row - R.Mortimore, W.E.Dimery.

Played 21, Won 14, Lost 3, Drawn 3, For 80, Against 21.

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