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Severn Bridge opening on day, the royal visitors.

Severn Bridge opening

Opening day of the Severn Road Bridge - 8th September 1966


Robin Phelps added: "... these are a few of some interesting photos taken by Jim Phillips that he has kindly loaned me for the SunGreen website ... These he took of the opening of the Severn bridge with, as you can tell by the unmistakeable profile of H.R.H. Prince Philip in the bottom photo, the Royal motorcade making the inaugural crossing. Also is a scan of Jim's ticket to attend the opening. In the top photo, Jim says that the police officer standing to attention as the royal car approaches, is Inspector Peter Mannion.

Lynda Stokes added: "I am the little girl on the left hand side Lynda Horritt. As it was also the same day - did last trip on the ferry".

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