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The Severn Queen, a Severn Ferry.

Beachley Ferry

The Severn Queen

Left Linda Roper, right Peter Essex.

Peter added: "... I would say the boat is one of those that plied the Old Passage from Beachley to Aust that operated until the first Severn Road Bridge (now the M48) opened. I remember we did go to Beachley (and Chepstow) at least once while staying at 42 Forest Road, Lydney, although we did not cross the estuary.   I think I am displaying my secondary school socks so that (bearing in mind the fairly light clothing) this photo can be dated between summer 1955 and closure of the ferry service in September 1966.   I would say this is no later than 1956 as my school kit is not yet at all scruffy and I am still in short trousers, and this would make me 12 years old. Apart from the ubiquitous bow in her hair, Linda has her knee bandaged, but this does not help, as injuries to tomboys are a regular occurrence!".

Lesley Parker added (July 2009): "... Yes, this looks like one of the Beachley - Aust - Beachley ferries. The older two were the Severn King and Severn Queen, and I think the Severn Princess was added about 1958. Someone told me that the older two were scrapped when the bridge opened, but the Princess eventually went to Ireland and was found some years ago as a sad wreck. She was brought back to the Beachley side and apparently a group is aiming to restore her".

Colonel Bob Richardson-Aitken added (August 2012): "... I can confirm that the ferry in the photograph is the Severn Queen, she differed from the Severn King in that she had no bridge structure other than the wheelhouse. The Severn King had a bridge that extended the entire width of the vessel and where passengers could spend the crossing".

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