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U.S. Troops near Lydney during World War 2.

U.S. Troops near Lydney

U.S. Troops near Lydney, WWII

Terry wrote: "... please find enclosed some pics of the old firing range near Lydney used by U.S. troops during World War II. The black and white pic shows American troops at the 'aiming end' of the range. They would get weapons and ammunition from the hut (top right of photo) then lie or stand on a pile of bricks which was 250 yds away from the 'target end' of the range. The right-hand colour photo shows the 'aiming point' still in existence and the left hand colour photo shows the 'target end' - the brick wall that was facing the firing end. The targets were marked circles, much like a dart board and were placed above the wall so the bullets went through the targets and into a dirt mound to the rear of the wall".

Pauline Yorke asked (June 2017): "... Does anyone have any memories of the Americans in Lydney area where were they based?, where did they socialise?. Were there any left after the war-particularly 1951?. what was their role? where did they work? "

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