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Lydney Gaumont Cinema Saturday Club.

Gaumont Cinema Club

Back Row: 1 , 2 .
Front Row: 1 Gary Williams , 2 Peter Richards, 3 Michael Brice, 4 Brian Townsend
Road Wardens certificate awards.
Peter added: "The Gaumont club was a nation wide club at all Gaumont cinemas in the country and just showed kids films on Saturday mornings at cheap entrance fees. We four had undergone 'road safety training' so that we could then escort youngsters across the road opposite the cinema before and after the showings. The Saturday mornings always started with the song ..............
'We come along on Saturday mornings, greeting everybody with a smile.
We come along on Saturday mornings knowing that it's all worthwhile.
As members of the GB club we all intend to be.
Good citizens when we grow up and champions of the free.
We come along on Saturday mornings greeting everybody with a smile,smile, smile.
Greeting everybody with a smile'.

Now that's not a bad memory after 50+ years !!!!!

I would estimate that around 100 kids went every week, but I'm inclined to think that it was only during certain times of the year, can't remember whether it was summer or winter but lean towards the former."

Thanks also to Peter Essex who added (March 2007): "I remember going to the Saturday morning "flicks" at the Gaumont when staying with my grandparents (William and Frances Essex) at 42 Forest Road Lydney for Easter holidays, so the children's pictures were up and running at that time. I remember sometimes going with boys who lived either side of my grandparents - Keith Little and Billy Grant. I was regarded as very posh, and to be viewed with great suspicion, because I came from London".

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