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Mitcheldean rugby team 1907 - 1908.

Mitcheldean Rugby 1907 1908

Members of the Mitcheldean rugby team 1907 - 1908 season.

Phil wrote (October 2009): "... Pleased find attached a family photo of a Mitcheldean rugby team dated 1907 - 1908. My Great Grandfather Thomas Miles Williams (b. 1876) is standing on the left of the team. The Williams family lived for many years in Mitcheldean. If anyone has any more information regarding any other person in the photo it would be most welcome".

Dave Tuffley addd (November 2009): " My father (Les Tuffley) met your Great grandfather in the churchyard at Mitcheldean many years ago and was told by your GGF that he had lived in Mitcheldean and was a 'member of the church choir about 60 years ago'. Your GGF was in tears when Dad met him. He was dropped off at Mitcheldean by his son on a trip up to the Midlands so your GGF could have a look around the village. My father remembered him from when my father was a boy. Dad says that he has all the names of the team in a photo album at his home. I will pass them on when I get them".

"My father has a copy of this photograph headed Severn Rovers Rugby Football Club Season 1907-8. The people in the photo are written on the print as:

Top row (LH to RH):- W Powell, W Spencer, G Boughton, S Griffiths, S Marshall.
3rd Row:- Thomas Williams, G Hyett, A Boughton*, Tom Russell, A Etheridge, R Voyce, John Russell, Rev W A Bathurst (President).
2nd Row:- R Nash, W Carpenter, E Hatton (Capt), H Taylor, James Williams.
Front Row:- J Baker (Hon Sec), J Bellamy.

Photo by F E Jones, Cinderford".

*see below.

Sue Drinkwater added (May 2010): "I was pleased to see this photograph on the Sungreen website as I have been told that the team was called Severn Rovers RFC. My Great Grandfather John Russell and his brother Tom are in this photo. John Russell is in the 3rd row from the front the last player on the right and Tom is on the same row 3rd player in from the left".

Pearl Ager added (June 2010): "... Third Row LH to RH. This should read Enoch Lane instead of A Boughton. Enoch may have stood in for Arch Boughton in this match".

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