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Pupils of Plump Hill School in 1915.

Plump Hill School 1915

Plump Hill School, 1915

Row 4: 1,2,3, 4 Ruth Bennett?, ,5, 6 Doris Bennett, 7 Kitty Buffin (nee Matthews), 8 Gladys Buffin, 9 Florrie Gibbs, 10
Row 3: 1, 2 William Stidder, 3 Albert Stidder, 4,5,6 Tom Gibbs (later headmaster of Plump Hill and Steam Mills Schoolsl), 7,8, 9 Archie Matthews, 10,11
Row 2: 1, 2 Amy Bennett, 3,4,5,6,7 Mabel Stidder (nee Mathews),,8 Eva Brain, 9 Clara Budgen (nee Stidder)
Row 1: 1,2,3,4.

Mrs Peggy Ryland added (September 2013): "... I was thrilled to see the picture of Kitty Buffin (Matthews) in the 1915 picture of Plump Hill School. Kitty was my father's (Stanley Matthews of Hazel Hill the Plump) sister. How interesting to see the school in those days. Plus, Tom Gibbs who taught me at Sunday school at the little chapel on Plump Hill built by his father Mr Ernie Gibbs. In those days you called your parents friends Auntie or Uncle. I always knew Aunt Leah Ernie Gibbs wife, and Auntie Florrie who was Tom Gibbs sister. Many of the people in the photograph attended the chapel. We had Magic Lantern Shows, and our Christmas Parties were wonderful. Every year we had an Anniversary. The pupils either sang, read a poem. One rendition in the afternoon, again in the evening. All the girls had new dresses especially for the day. In those days there was a Youth Hostel above the chapel. We were joined by some of them during the course of the day. It was quite funny because the senior ladies of the chapel had their own seats. If anyone took those seats, they were quite frowned upon. I joined Sunday School at the age of four. My mother paid the boy who lived above our house three pence to take me. After chapel my parents used to meet me, and we took the dog for a walk. Men wore their best Sunday suits, with usually a flower in the lapel. We met many people just walking through the beautiful countryside during the walk Summer evenings. Wonderful memories of my years growing up in the Forest of Dean".

Esther Marsh added (June 2017); "... Row 4: 1 Possibly Ruth Bennett, 6 Doris Bennett Row 2: 2 Amy Bennett All three were daughters of William and Annie (nee Malsom) Bennett of Little Conigree in Jubilee Road".

Pat Crane added (October 2017): "... I am researching soldiers on our War Memorial and have discovered that in 1911 Harry Cyril Whitmore was (aged 16) living at Plump School House, Plump Hill, with his uncle & aunt, James Alfred Marfell and Annie Eliza; also their son Cyril James. I wonder whether you can suggest where I might find out more about the school, the Marfells or a photograph".

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