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World War Two Jeep Hut.

WWII hut, Wigpool

Terry wrote: "... this hut was lived in from 1945 until the late 1990s. The structure is a Jeep crate in which 4 Jeeps were shipped to England as part of Operation Bolero the build up of US troops in England. This crate, was sited locally and was used as accomodation. The guy lived here for a number of years, there was no sink or water but he did have a fire going. A local told me that a number of these crates were available at the time and some of the US troops in the area used them as accomodation. After they vacated the area leaving to go overseas most of the crates were broken up for firewood. This one was kept back. I am in the process of hopefully saving this one although it is showing signs of wear and getting overgrown. The picture of my Dodge was taken in one of the bays used for parking vehicles in 1943 ...".

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