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St Christopher's School in Newnham-on-Severn.

St Christopher's School Newnham

St Christopher's School in Newnham-on-Severn

Norman added: "This was a small private school based in the old Women's Institute hut on Dean's Road in Newnham. This photo was taken about 1957* and, yes, it's the whole school, not just one class! It was taken in the Newnham Vicarage garden. The school was run by 2 teachers, Sylvia Hobkirk and Gladys Wingfield who lived in a flat in Newnham Vicarage. Nearly all the pupils passed their 11-plus and went on to Lydney Grammar or East Dean Grammar School After they became too old, the school was taken over by Brightlands Preparatory School in Newnham. Pupils mostly came from Awre, Broadoak, Newnham, Blakeney, The Haie and surroundings".

*Rosemary Arkell added (January 2012): "... I dont think the photo of St Christophers School was taken in 1957 as my sister and I would have been too old Maybe 1954 or 55".

Row 4: 1 Ann Duncan, 2 Jennifer Phillips, 3 Rosemary Reeks, 4 Malcolm John Winson, 5 Heather Reeks, 6 Mary Hughes, 7, 8.
Row 3: 1, 2 Stephen Aldridge, 3 Andrew Baber, 4 Mary Awre, 5 Nick Bull, 6, 7 Ian Holding, 8 Janet Weston, 9 Mark Awre, 10 Norman Abbott, 11 Rosemary Wherret..
Row 2: 1 Bruce Baber, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Clive Donald, 7 Anne Wherret, 8, 9, 10 Clive Sturgess.
Row 1: 1 Sally Aldridge, 2, 3, 4 Elizabeth Warner, 5, 6 Gillian Warner.

Adrian George Thomas added (August 2016): "... I boarded at Brightlands !! 1960--1966....No 44! of 49 boys in school...can picture them all. Liked it most of the time.....think about it a lot. Then went to Christ College Brecon.....with Simon Hughes MP".

Thanks also to David Price and Richard Powell.

Adrian Beckham added (July 2013): "... I have an old photograph which I wish to sell: Brightlands School Photograph: Brightlands Cricket XI. 1959 Newnham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire: Brightlands School, 1959 . Mounted black & white photograph 7.50" x 10.00" : "Brightlands Cricket XI. 1959". With the names of all team members printed below the picture:
I. J. L. Thorne; C.L. Sainsbury; R. G. Lloyd; R. G. Wood; N. S. B. Vickers; R. N. Lloyd; M. J. Jones Roberts; M. E. Webster; M. J. Hillman; P. K. Smith (Capt.); D. C. A. Magrath; G. W. Bradnum.
"Copyright Photograph by David Farrell, The Oxbode, Gloucester Tel 23815".
I have found details of Brightlands Preparatory School, Newnham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire".
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Adrian Thomas added (December 2017): "... I was at Brightlands Prep School 1960 -1965 49 boys Lovely school and staff/teachers !!".

Andrew Finch added (March 2018): "... I was also at Brightlands School at same time as Adrian Thomas. In fact we were in same class together. It would be good to catch up, if he would like. .."

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