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The Royal Oak, Fetter Hill - Darts Team.

Royal Oaks - Fetter Hill

Royal Oak, Fetter Hill - Darts Team, late 1940s.

Row 3: 1 Vera Ricketts?, 2 Colin Pritchard, 3 Ray Rosser, 4 Mrs Rosser.
Row 2: 1 Walter Stanley Cox, 2 Vince Brown, 3 Jimmy Smith, 4 Les Nelmes, 5 Ted Morgan.
Row 1: 1 Mr Trevor Wildin, Mrs Bessie Wildin (Elsmore) (landlord/landlady), 3 William Hudson, 4 Ted Cox, 5 Les (Chi) Kear.

Phil wrote (March 2008): "William Hudson was descended from a branch of the Redbrook Hudson family which moved to Bakers Hill near Coleford where they ran a small Forge. William was a well known Forest Cricketer who died in 2001."

Thanks also to John Ricketts who wrote (March 2008): "I think in row 2 no.1 we see Mr Cox from Ellwood. He was involved in transport and latterly was part of Nash and Cox coaches".

Another contributor added: "Les Nelmes and his wife, May, kept a small shop at Fetterhill. May was very houseproud and quite forbidding. I remember that she always wore a pretty frilled cap (milkmaid style, for want of a better description). Other members of the Nelmes family lived on the bank above Rose Cottage, which was on the roadside and was where my grandparents lived. I also think that the lady in the front row could possiblty be Mrs. Wilding the Landlady of the Royal Oak.

Thanks also to Gerald Biddle, Jack Hinton and Ivor Ellis.
Gerald also recalled: "The Mr Cox refered to in the legend under the the photo as being connected with Nash & Cox is not the the Cox in this photo, that was his brother Jack".

Thanks to Margaret Wilce who added (March 2008): "Colin Pritchard was my late uncle, also I think the person in Row3 No1 may be Vera Ricketts who later married Ted Morgan".

Sean Jeynes added (December 2018): "... Row 1 No1 Is my Grandfather Mr Trevor Wildin. Row 1 No 2 Is my Grandmother Mrs Bessie Wildin (Elsmore) They kept the Royal oak From 27th July 1937 up to 4th July 1950".

Thanks also to Derek Cox.

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