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A timber lorry at Parkend Sawmills.

Parkend Sawmills

DetailPete wrote (December 2007): "Please find attached an old photo in my possession of Parkend Sawmills Uni-power, Sid Edmunds the driver, Lesley Rivers the owner of the Sawmills with his back to us, but who is the other man facing us?"

Also, can anyone date the photo or pinpoint the location?.

Thanks to Peter Essex who added (December 2007): "As to dating this photo, if Les Rivers was the owner of the sawmills at the time, it would be helpful to know when his father retired from ownership. I remember Les and his father from the early to mid fifties as attenders at of Springfield Methodist Church, Lydney, when I was a child. The elder was referred to (at least behind his back) as "Old Man Rivers" and Les was the widely envied owner of an Aston Martin. I had the impression that "Old Man Rivers" was still active at the sawmills and therefore probably the owner (or MD). On that rather slender basis, I would date the photo as

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