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A load of timber at Parkend Sawmills.

Parkend Sawmills

? at Parkend Sawmills

Load 47 ton 6 cwt from Pembroke at Marsh Sidings, Parkend.

Reg.No KWO 100.

John Edwards added (November 2009): "... This vehicle is a 1951 Foden Diesel. A load of aboutt 20 tons would have been its safe limit, especialy all the way from Pembroke on those tyres".

Peter Brown added (December 2009): " ... Rowland Thomas drove for Parkend sawmills for many years and still lives in the village."

Terry Wilce added (December 2009): "... almost sure this person is 'Happy' Thomas from Parkend".

Martyn Thomas added (April 2016): "... I can remember this Foden 2 stroke travelling up through Llandovery in the mid 50's . I was in school there".

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