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Parkend Parish Magazine Aug 1942.

Parkend Parish Magazine Aug 1942

Rosslyn, Parkend.
Dear Parishioners,
July 20, 1942.
This month we are asking our printers to allow us the favour of an early issue of the magazine so as better to make known the Church Fête to be held on July 30 from 4.0 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. We hope distributors will deliver the magazine as soon as possible.
The Fête, which is an effort to reduce the Church debt, standing now at about £240, will be, by kind permission of Mr. and Mrs. Guillebaud and Mr. Rivers, in Whitemead Park, or if the weather is wet in Parkend Memorial. Hall. In any ease a Dance will take place in the Hall from 9.0 p.m. to 1.0 a.m.
From well-attended meetings by Church Councillors and others, to decide upon the form and attractions of the Fête, much interest is evident. Gifts are already coming in, and more are promised. Mr. G. Gunter has given a pig for the bowling-alley; Mr. Hughes is collecting articles, clothing, food, ornaments, or otherwise, for a white-elephant or jumble-stall; Mrs. Sing has received some prizes for the reciting, and singing, competitions, which will be judged by Miss J. Sing and Mr. A. James; Mrs. Wainwright has offers of refreshments for teas; Miss Wright and Miss Jenkins are organizing a mile of pennies or a less lengthy money-line, by the Church Guild, the Sunday Schools and Guides; Mr. Carter is selling tickets for the Dance; and we hear of a raffle going well, a large mystery-parcel about to appear, and a fine doll with a name to guess. So the activities for July 30 are progressing, and in many hands. This, we hope, will enable us to make a wide appeal, since those who owe a debt or obligation or who have a love for Parkend Church, are throughout the whole district. They see its tower from adjacent hills, and look towards it with tender thoughts. They, or their relatives, or friends, were baptized, married, or buried at the Church, and they know it stands in the heart of the forest to witness to the need of grace in the midst of the beauty and profusion of nature. To numerous persons it is a real regret that the Church should be so much in debt.
As we write of the Fête we will keep to the same subject, and name the Sunday School Treats. One has been provided, and the other, for Yorkley Wood Sunday School Scholars, is being attended to. The time and place will soon. be announced.
That for Parkend Church and Whitecroft Sunday School was at Whitemead Park on Wednesday, July 15, when about a hundred were present, and Mrs. Hughes and her helpers, Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. S. Edmunds, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Guillebaud. Mrs. Higgs, Mr. A. James, Mrs. Lewis. Mrs. Parry, Mrs. Wainwright, Miss Wright and Miss K. Jenkins, prepared tea, to which other ladles sent provisions, and the Parkend Band gratuitously gave selections to enliven the proceedings. After tea, cricket, tennis and races were arranged, and a lot of amusement was given to the younger children by the see-saw.
If it appears strange and untimely that we should organise a Fete and treats in war-time, in a most terrible and serious war, which is so grave as to demand our fullest energies and sacrifice, the answer is, that our duty to our country will not suffer because of occasional times of relief, which are necessary if children must sometimes share in a brighter side of life, and if those bearing heavy burdens of work. anxiety, and somewhat dull routine, are not to break down in their trials. As S. John is recorded to have said, the bow cannot always be bent.
I am, yours very sincerely,

July 12. Diane Mary, daughter of Douglas Roy and Doris Edith Mary Turner.

July 11. Edward John Akers and Annie May Marchant.

1.William Arthur Albert Wintle, 9 years.
6..Alice Burrows, 81 years.
13.Wallace Rees, 58 years.
18.Noah Charles Jones, 44 years.
20.Mary Elizabeth Baghurst, 67 years.

Three of the burials were those of little ‘ Billy Wintle, of Yorkley Sunday School, around whose grave children from Parkend and Whitecroft Sunday School sang There’s a Friend for little children; of Wallace Rees, whose body was placed in the chancel where he was accustomed to sing; and of Noah Charles Jones, whose death was suddenly caused by a falling roof in the pit. These are missed by many besides their families.

We beg to acknowledge warmly a thank-offering of £2, which has been put in the Vicar’s Discretionary Fund.
The Missionary Boxes of Parkend Sunday School opened on July 19, contained: Miss Wright’s Class 12/6, Mr. Gibson’s 7/4, Miss I. Jenkins’ 6/10, Mrs. Wainwright’s 5/11, Mr. F. Sing’s /5.
Lists of Sidesmen, Servers, Flower-donors for the Altar, and Brass-cleaners will be put up for August in the Church Porches. As Mrs. Gwynne is not always able to get to Church through sickness, the Misses Jenkins will look after the cleaning of the Processional Cross and Altar Plate.
The box for the Sunday School at S. Luke’s, opened on July 19, had 7/10 inside, and that for Church funds 2/6.
We are glad Mr. Wintle, of Pillowell, who was in hospital with his son, is much better.
It was a pleasure to inspect Pillowell School on Wednesday, July 22, and Yorkley School (this school for the first time) on Friday, July 24.

Thanks to Chris Brown who added (Sept 2007): "I liked the parish mag for 1942 and well remember going to the fete at Whitemead Park aged 12 . It was a fine afternoon and evening and a good time was had by all . The winner of the singing for the pig was a local farmer who caressed and stroked it while others just grabbed it under their arm . An exciting horse race also took place around the edge of the big field enormous excitment for war time".

Parkend St Pauls Parish Magazine  ads 1942.

(Name Supplied) added (June 2016): "... Re advert Mr Blanch chemist. Mr Blanch used to bring his chemists van to Yorkley Wood and park in our orchard at ... Cottage where people came to buy goods from him. I was given threpenny bit which I put in slot in Van door out came a small packet of horlicks tablets! Needless to say I looked forward to Mr Blanch's visits".


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