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Pillowell and Yorkley Co-ops token.

coop token

Pillowell and Yorkley Co-operative Society

Robin wrote: "... this interesting artefact was loaned to me by Gilbert Griffiths. It is a token issued by Pillowell and Yorkley Co-op. These tokens could be for bread, milk, coal etc; although the commodity was usually clearly stated on the token. This one may of the type where it was issued equal to the sum spent in the store and were retained by the member until a quarterly or half-yearly dividend was declared by the society. The tokens were then redeemed for cash. It would be interesting to know when these tokens were in use".

Robert Watkins added: "... I remember the co-op check disc. As is said above you purchased them at the shop, so then you paid the bread van or horse driver with them - so as not to use money. A Dividend was paid every quarter, you had to be a member with your membership book on which was entered your money. So the more profit, the more dividend. Father's No was 256, 80 years ago".

Anne Robbins added: "... referring to the Co-op token my mother's no. was 267 - also about 80 years ago".

Alan Beddis added (July 2013): "... Re. Co-op tokens I also remember my mother usuing them cost 4 (old) pence and when they went up to 4 pence half-penny it caused PANIC! (70--75 years ago)".

A photo of two old Pillowell and Yorkley Coop tokens

Above: Two more of Gilbert's Co-op tokens, these have a monetary value of £1.

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