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Robert Yemm of Drybrook and Canada.

A photo of Robert Yemm of Ruardean and Canada

"The picture is of Robert Yemm Sr. (sitting), his son Arthur on the left and Robert Yemm Jr. on the right. These documents were keepsakes of my father Robert Jr. The postcards sent to you previously were collected by Robert Jr. when he reunited with family in The Forest in 1969".
Robert Yemm Sr., born in East Dean, in 1858, was listed in the 1881 and 1891 census as ‘coal miner’. Robert worked underground at the Lydney & Crump Meadow Collieries. After breaking his back in a mining accident, he did not return to the mines. About August 1903, Robert Sr. is listed as Landlord of the Nelson Arms Inn, and previously the China Court Inn.
Upon Robert’s death in June 1955, the Gloucester paper is quoted,”The death has occurred at Fruitland, Canada, of Mr. Robert Yemm aged 97, formerly of The Morse, Drybrook. He was well known throughout the Forest of Dean. When Mr. Yemm was living in England, he was a member of the Board of Guardians, a Rural District Council overseer, a School Board Manager, and a member of West Gloucestershire Licensed Victuallers Association. ...Robert was very involved in efforts to improve working conditions in the coal mines and contributed fees from his own pocket for those who were not able to pay for membership in the newly-formed union. As young boys/men, his own sons experienced hardships at work in the coal mines.”

Jayne Chalmers added: "... I am Robert Yemm's great granddaughter and I do believe that the son on the left is Willard and the one on the right is Robert (sorry Ernie) I'm pretty sure it's uncle Willard.

(Also included were Robert Yemm's application to register as a Freeminer (dated 6 August 1904) and proof of working for a year and a day at Crump Meadow colliery)

Emblem of the Gloucestershire Regiment

Ernest continued: "This is an embroidered crest that was in the possession of Robert Yemm Sr. (1858 – 1955) family member (pictured above) who originated in the East Dean/Ruardean area. Leah and Robert (landlord of the Nelson Arms Inn 1903) with their youngest daughter Winifred sailed to Canada in 1923. We have not been able to trace its origin or why the Yemm family had it in their possession. Any comments from readers would be appreciated".

Alan Watkins added: "... The crest is that of the Gloucestershire Regiment, a much-lamented but honoured foot regiment with its origins going back to the 1660s, and its present roile as an integral part of The Rifles".

Jeff Jones added: "... The embroidery is the emblem of the Gloucestershire Regiment of the British Army, normally the word "Regiment" appears below "Gloucestershire". The Regimental Museum website shows similar embroidery dated as 1880-1902. Both Robert Jr & Arthur Yemm were just too young to have served in the Regiment during WW1, perhaps another family member was in the Glosters ?. It may be relevant that one of the best contemporary records of Foresters who died during WW1 is the Laura Morse Scrapbook of newpaper cuttings. Laura Morse nee Yemm was born in 1878 at Ruspidge, East Dean, daughter of Annie and Stephen Yemm". - see the FoD LHS web site

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