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Ruspidge Maypole dancers in 1946 and 1948.

Ruspidge Maypole

Top Photo
"... Maypole Dancing Ruspidge Memorial Hall. approx 1948. Sorry girls I know all your faces, but can't put names to them, After all we must be in our 70's now. Starting with the May Queen. Unknown The girl in front of her No 1 Unknown. Next right 2 unknown. 3 unknown. 4 unknown. 5 Jeanette Phelps, 6 unknown. 7 unknown. 8 unknown. 9 unknown. 10 Sylvia Jackson. 11 unknown. 12 Mary Jotham. 13 Gracie Murell. 14 Tricia Murell, 15 unknown. 16 unknown. 17 unknown . . "

Bottom photo:
"... Maypole dancers, May Queen and attendants. Outside the Ruspidge Memorial Hall. Approx 1946. Too difficult to name as rows are not straight. I can see myself Sylvia Jackson , the Murell twins, Jeanette Phelps, Muriel Till, Dorothy Partridge, Rosemary Pritchard, Gwen Finney, Arlene Rogers, Gwen Grindle.


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