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The Dorrington family at St Briavels, Gloucestershire.

Dorrington, St Briavels

Joyce wrote: "... This is a photograph of the Dorrington Family of St Briavels. There were 13 children in the family, one being my Uncle Harold,he married Edna Davies from Milkwall. Now 90 yrs old, he has now gone to Devon to live with his son. All the children were in the forces.
In the picture of four soldiers in WW1 with the sign saying 'Somewhere in France' Harold's father is on the back row right. My grandfather Jack Davies of Milkwall is the front left. The two men spent a lot of their working lives together, regular army and later for the local council".

Walt Jackson added (November 2016): "... My name is Walt Jackson, I am Winifred's third son. The Dorringtons are my grandparents. We have this same photograph of the Dorrington family, with a handwritten list of names (by Winifred).
Left to right- Top Row: Edward, Elizabeth, Frederick, Milson, Edith, Harold, Thomas, Winifred, Isaac.
Bottom Row: Ivy, Frederick John (father), Amy Emily (mother), Dorothy. Taken August, 1946 Note: the correct spelling is Milson (not Milton)
All of Winifred's children (3 sons) live in America. 2 in Tennessee, 1 in Florida"

Hollie Wallace added (November 2018): "... . Ivy May Bousman Dorrington is my grandmother. She has 2 surviving children. Carolyn Suzzanna ... and Violet Ann .... They both reside in Memphis, Tn.

Suzzanne Butler added (January 2019): "... My mother Ivy Dorrington, on the bottom left of the photo,also had two sons, The first passed away as a infant. Desmon Whitten. RIP. Memphis TN. Second was or is , Jonathan Frederick Whitten. Last time I saw him was around 1968 at Fountain Valley hospital for children. I think he was 14 yrs old at the time. My grandfather came from Wales and changed he's name to Dorrington. I Think I was told it was Williams not sure.My grandparents where married over 75 yrs and had had commendations from H.M. Queen Elizabeth, on their 75 yrs My mother has five grandaughters Shannon Shupe Free, Casie B, Chrissifulli, Kellie J. Grace, Hollie R. Shupe Wallace, Jennifer K Shupe.

Karen Yemm added (October 2020): "... My Grandmother Mary Hannah Meredith ( Dorrington) was born here and had brothers and sisters amongst tbe photo...but as my Gran was born in April1888...I am confused as to whether any of the people in the photo are actually her nieces or nephews or in fact siblings? Be interested to find out as I am trying to trace my grandparents history".

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