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Two photos taken near Staunton, Gloucestershire.

H B Scott - 2 photos of Staunton

Mike wrote: "... (the top photo) has been shot with the Buckstone behind the camera. The view is of the village with the church towards the background. The general direction is looking towards Coleford to the right of the church and Berry Hill to the left. The property in front of the church is the Elms farm, which has now been developed into a nursing home for the elderly. The photo was taken by H B Scott of 34 Randolf Gardens, Maida Vale".

Peter Cook added (October 2021): "... The Gent on the left with the Straw Boater, has been Identified as Edward Barnett Bprn 1822, the smal boy next to hime is Albert Victor Barnett Born 1898. Estimated date of picture is 1901/1902. Source of info from descendants who have the an orriinal posted card with the info on the rear of the post card".

"... (the bottom photo) has been shot in the opposite direction, with the two gentlemen sitting on the Buckstone. The view above the gentleman in the white hat is of the skyline of the Kymin. The property that can just be seen is the Round house. The clutch of white houses to the right of the two gentlemen that is just projecting above the nearest tree-line is the Duke of York, which in years gone by was a pub. The main Coleford - Monmouth road runs in front of these properties and is hidden by the trees. The outskirts of Monmouth can be seen in the distance to the right of the photo. The same photographer ( H B Scott) also took this photo".

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