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1960 R.A.O.B. Childrens Party at the New Inn Viney Hill.

R.A.O.B kids party

Center of picture, Back Row (row 5): 1,Marion Thomas. 2,Greta Baghurst. 3,Maurice Cullis. 4,Roger Smith. 5,Ken Elway. 6,Derek Thorne
Standing in front of Back Row from Christmas Tree (row 4): 1,Craig Bennett. 2,Rosemarie Wintle, 3,Marion Sillet 4,Terry Thorne
Third Row From Front (row 3) left to right: 1,. 2,Shirley Thorne. 3,. 4,. 5,Sylvia Cullis. 7,. 8,Bruce Bennett. 9,Gregory James. 10, 11,Roger Morse. 12,David Thorne. 13 Richard Thorne. 14,Tom Cullis.
Second Row From Front (row 2): 1,Mr Ted Gurney. 2,Susan Partridge. 3,. 4,. 5,. 6,Billy Thorne. 7,.
Front Row (row 1): 1,. 2,Rosina Thorne. 3,Julie Thorne. 4,. 5,.6, 7,Andrew Greenhall. 8,Claire Batten 9,. 10,. 11,. 12,Barbara Watkins.

Thanks also to Jill Thorne.

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