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The Lord Mayor of Whitecroft in 1952.

Lord mayor of Whitecroft

The Lord Mayor of Whitecroft, December 1952.

S. Meek, C. Stacey, C. James, R. R. Richards, A. S. Nash, C. G. Brobyn, W. A. Hook, K. N. E. Elsmore, W.J. Evans.
J. James, Mrs S. Lewis, R. T. Richards, Mrs K. Brown, W. H. Dawe, H. H. Morgan, Mrs J. P. Nash, Mrs L. Phipps, D. Nelmes.
G. Aldridge, A. E. Lewis, C. W. Phipps, E. J. Ruck (Lord Mayor), C. D. Brown, J. E. Allen.

Above the photo are the words: "Presented by the LORD MAYOR to the PUBLIC OF WHITECROFT & DISTRICT for their generosity in raising £160 for the recreation ground".

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