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Whitecroft Chapel congregation in 1924.

Whitecroft chapel

A photo taken outside Whitecroft chapel

Date - probably 1924.

Wendy Wilding added (October 2011): "... The man with the white hair and white moustache standing at the back on the far right of this photo is my grandfather Henry Coombs. He lived at Brickpit House between Parkend and Yorkley and used to preach at Whitecroft Chapel. He used to walk to the chapel and back three times on a Sunday to take services".

Dave Willetts added (November 2011): "... I have a copy of the 'Centenary and Jubilee Souvenir of Whitecroft Wesleyan Chapel 1824-1924' obviously produced in about 1924. It contains photographs of various people which allow identification of some characters in this photograph. Thomas Hedges Deakin JP appears in a prominent position ("up the drum yud" in Forest vernacular) between the 2 dog-collared ministers. Deakin was Chairman and Managing Director of the Parkend Deep Navigation Company and his capitalist leanings did not go down well with many of the labour-supporting congregation. On Deakin's left stands Rev F G Gatehouse (Superintendent minister) with a moustache. The left-most male in the front row with bow tie is Joseph James (oldest living member and local preacher) and sitting next to him is Tom Price (secretary of centenary committee). Tom remained a keen player until his death in the 1970s. Presumably it is their wives by whom they are flanked. The man standing in the front row extreme right is Joseph Wintle (School Superintendent), husband of my great aunt Elizabeth Vedmore. Joe was a deputy at Princess Royal Colliery but never recovered from a broken back sustained in a roof fall".
" It is interesting to note that the attire of these five people is identical to that in the Souvenir I have, suggesting that the photo was taken at a similar time i.e. 1924. Why the photo is taken outside the 'new' Sunday school rather than the main body of the Chapel is a bit of a puzzle, since if it were a photo of the Sunday school there would be a legion of children in attendance probably to give their parents some respite. The small wooden chairs on which the children are sitting were in use in the Sunday School until about 1980."

Thanks to Tony and Brenda Preest.

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