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Members of Whitecroft Youth Club in 1943.

Whitecroft Youth Club

Photo 1 (above)
This photo on Parkend road Whitecroft shows:
Back row: Barbara Watkins
Middle row left to right: Stanley, Thelma Wiffen, (behind) Bob Watkins, Lorna Moore, Olive Phipps, Sheila Phipps, Marion Luker, 8 ?
Front row left to right: Trevor Evans, Roger Worgan, Mary Morgan, Marjorie Aldridge, Gerald Morgan

Regarding the location, the white houses are the end of "The Row". The chickens on the right were "run" by Mr Reg Brown. Reg's father Paul had a cycle shop (long since demolished) inside the 90° corner on the Parkend road opposite the Miner's Arms. Mr Savage the station master lived in the house just visible behind the left hand pole and the Ballards lived in the house directly to the left of the same pole.

Thanks also to Bryan "Chippy" Moore.

whitecroftPhoto 2 (above)
Back row 5 people left to right: Olive Phipps, Marion Luker, Sheila Phipps, Robert Watkins, Keith Lyon.
All those at Front - left to right: 1 Gerald Morgan, 2 ?, 3 (behind) Lorna Moore, 4 Roger Worgan, 5 (behind) Mary Morgan, Ron Aldridge, 6 ? 7 (mostly hidden), 8 Thelma Wiffen (head down), 9 Stanley.

bike ride

Sheila added: "Please find attached some pictures of Whitecroft youth club taken in 1943. The picture (above) shows a bike ride. It's a rather poor picture so I haven't been able to identify all of the faces".

Is this photo taken from Park Hill looking towards "The Bridge"?

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