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Woolaston School pupils in 1954/8?.

Photo of pupils at Woolaston School

Row 4: Nigel Richards, Nigel Rix, Colin Jones, Brian Michington, Teddy Meredith, Kevin Thomas, Russell Simkins, William Powell, Eric Hunt, Wayne Pool
Row 3: David Dodd, Colin Ball, John Scriven, David Thomas, Lewis Williams, David Hedges, Michael Strange, John Robertson.
Row 2: Miss Hicks, Judy Davies, Elaine Wiseat, Kay West, Helen Capps, Shirley Nicholas, Susan Thompson, Jennifer Rhodes, Annette Parker.
Front row L to :R Susan Sheppard, Carol Walters, Pat Trueman, Jane Davies, Sandra Dorrington, Anne Page, Jacqueline Ball, Sandra Luff, Sheila Winter , Susan Harris.

Teddy Meredith added (Feb 2012): "... This photo was Woolaston C. of E. School take in 1954. I'm now retired after working all my life. I'm a dad of 7 and great-grandad of 14, great-great-grandad now of 8. I would love to meet all the guys & gals on this picture. - Re-union any one?.

John Bunker added (Feb 2012): "... Russel Simpkins was the son of Reverend Simpkins. Am I right in thinking that they lived in Forest Road where I played as a child?. Always wondered what happened to him?. We moved from Lydney in 1962".

Jennifer Silvester added (Sept 2012): "... Teddy do you have any more photos of Woolaston School with your other brothers in them? - as I would love to meet up some day with some of them".

Russell Simpkins added (April 2013): "... How wonderful to see this picture, it brings back so many memories. Yes John my father was the Rev. Simpkins and I remember you well. Do I also remember Kevin somehow getting ink on his striking blonde hair and having a big blue patch for weeks?. What about making papier mache in the small building in the playground at the front and buying sweets at the shop opposite. Would be great to hear from any of you and yes I'm up for a reunion".

Frank Osborne added (December 2013): "... I was freinds with several of the people in this picture. What a nice surprise to see all these people who were part of my youth, and later as I grew up in Netherend. My family moved to Netherend in1964. We lived at "Roseville" the bottom of Severn View Rd. opposite the Netherend store. I can remember well, catching the school bus to Lydney Boys School here. There would be Ted and Viv Meredith here, possibly also John the older brother? I remember many fun times at the Merediths. Dave Dodds was a good friend and too many more to recall . Although i am not part of this "photo", I would welcome a reunion".

Helen Brodbin added (November 2014): "... The date Teddy has put forward is a little out. I think it is summer 1958 based on the fact that I moved to Alvington in 1955 and Miss Hicks's class was year 3. The suggestion re a reunion is great. ...".

Annette Aldred added (July 2020) "... Just come across this photo. The names that ring a bell with me are John Scriven, Helen Capps, Anne Page and Susan Susan Harris. When I left Woolaston school I was in this first intake of the new girl's school in Lydney. I left Alvington in 1969. I have had various jobs but my favourites are a teaching assistant and a volunteer at my local Hospice. Am retired and have just retired from the Hospice where I volunteered for just over 26 years. Am married, have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Regards to anyone who remembers me. Annette Eldred nee Parker".

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