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Inside a Yorkley Pub with poet F. W. Harvey.

image: inside a Yorkley Pub

Left to right : 1 John Henry (Harry) Norris, 2 Bob Johnson, 3 Michael Morris , 4 Mr Harry Hatton (who lived in the Row Parkend Rd Yorkley just below the Co-op), 5 Billy Ellway, 6 George Bond, 7 Mr Marshall ("Dinnock"), 8 Jack Baggus, 9 (at back in glasses) F W Harvey ?.
Does anyone recognise the pub? we think that it may be the Nag at Yorkley or the New Inn Viney Hill?.

Thanks to Ivor Ellis who added (Jan 2007) "...names were given to me by my mother who kept the Royal Oak in Yorkley about that time, it may be in the club room of 'The Oak', the dart board is in the right place and we had an old bus seat or two where the one in the photo is but at that time a lot of places had them".
Thanks also to John Wilding who also added (Jan 2007): "No 5- I don't think is Eli Bond, No 9- certainly looks like my father at first glance (Sid Wilding) but I don't think it is him. My instinct says it is a young F W Harvey but I am not really sure".
Thanks to Alec Kear who wrote (Jan 2007): "No. 2 from the left is Beaumont Johnson (known as Bob) prisoner of war taken by Japanese No. 3 from left is Michael Morris No. 4 is definitely not Eli Bond but don't know who he 4 is Chap at the back is definitely FW Harvey. F.W. Harvey usually drank in the Bailey so it could be there or alternatively it might be the George or the Royal Oak.
Thanks also to Lynn Gomery.

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