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Rose Cottage at Yorkley, Gloucestershire.

image: Rose Cottage, Yorkley (82k)

Rose Cottage at Yorkley, the date is uncertain, probably in the early 1900's. Outside the cottage is Ambury Evans and family.

Pamela Peachey added (June 2006) : "My Grandparents owned and lived in Rose Cottage, Fred & Beatrice Wilkins, from approx 1920 to 1960, my Mother Marian was born there in 1921, and she had an older sister born there. Marian married Albert White from Bream 1941" .

Jeffrey Morgan added (Sept 2006): "Stanley and Avery Morgan moved into this cottage in September 1961 with their 2 sons Jeffrey and Robert".

Roger Rushton added (November 2007): "My wife's great great grandfather John Williams owned Rose Cottage, Yorkley when he died aged 89 in February 1921. According to the terms of his will it would then have been sold presumably to the Wilkins family. I wonder if anyone can remember John Williams or (more likely) any of his children Richard , Edith (wife of Thomas James Harpur), Albert, Alfred and Etta Lilian (other children moved away from the Forest)?".

Daniel Stellard added (August 2008): "... I was wondering if anyone can confirm that this is the house currently named 'Glenmere' on Crown Lane in Lower Yorkley as my family lived there from 1986 to 1998. If anyone knows please email me at daniboyoAThotmailDOTcom".

Carole Dudman added (August 2010): "... I think my Father's Great Grandmother lived in Rose Cottage about 90 years ago. Her married name was GAYE...does anybody have any information please?".

Peter Wilkins added (July 2022): ... Frederick Wilkins was my Uncle".

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