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Yorkley Ladies

Yorkley Ladies

Beverley wrote: "Hoping that someone can recognise these ladies From Yorkley.".


1 Mrs Florence James, 2 Mrs Winifred Bond, 3, 4 Beatrice Saunders, 5 Vena Saunders Edith Jones from Pillowell/ Yorkley, 6, 7, 8. Mrs Wintle 9. Mrs W. Ellway 10. Mrs Hatton, 11. Mrs Savage, 12. Mrs Jefferies, 13. Mrs J.Morse 14. Mrs F .Jones ,15, 16,. Mrs Pinchen 18. Mrs Kear 19. Mrs Morse , 20, 21. Mrs Thomas , 22 Mrs Ethel Griffiths, 23, 24. Mrs F.Robins 25. Mrs Vaile 26 Sue Phipps, 27. Mrs Wintle, 28. Mrs M.Griffiths.

Thanks also to Nigel Hook, Trish Yeates, Mary Saunders, Joyce Baxter and Marian Voyce .

Thanks to Anne Baxter who added: "... 22 is Mrs Ethel Griffiths, Yorkley Wood - sister to the 3 James boys of Yorkley Wood who were killed in the 1st world war".

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