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Yorkley people at a Prisoner of War homecoming.

Yorkley folk


1 Mrs M Hawkins 2 Mrs M Willetts, 3, 4 Mike Willetts, 5 Ronald Beddis, 9 Mr Sam Davis, 10 Mrs W.Ellway, 11 Mrs Enid Jones, 12 Mrs Enid Taylor Jones, 18 Mr Dennis Marshall 19 Mrs D. Aston.20 Mrs W Ellway

Joyce Baxter added: "The lady behind man in front row with closed hymn book is Mrs W.Ellway on her right is Mrs Enid Taylor Jones.
The lady on RHS of photo with open hymn book in Mrs D. Aston".

Wendy Preest added (March 2011): "... held in wooden hut at the Bailey Inn after the return of Pat Harvey & Ron Beddis from the Korean war".

Thanks also to Harold Davis, Kevin Burke, Rita Arnold and Joyce Baxter.

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