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Harriett Matilda Evans (nee Wintle) of Yorkley.

Harriet Evans

David wrote: "... a photo of my grandmother, Harriett Matilda Evans (nee Wintle) at her home “Highlea” in Yorkley. It shows as “Blimeshire” on Google maps but I always heard it referred to as “Bunnies ‘ood Lane” . Blinmanshire was across the road I thought. Note the letter box set in the wall. When I was a child I was fascinated with it because it bore the letter VR and to me seemed very old. It has been replaced now by a modern version. The boy in the photograph was called Douglas Humberstone and I think he came from somewhere else and used to stay with my grandmother. He may have been distantly related. I have another photo with him and my father delivering bread for Kear’s Bakery. The delivery was being made by horse and trap".

Christopher Dent wrote: "... I'm intrigued by the photograph of Harriet Matilda Evans with Douglas Humberstone. My mother, Gwendoline Muriel Dent (nee Hillier), daughter of George and Florence Hillier of Marshwell House, Yorkley Slade is pictured with Douglas Humberstone in a number of photographs in my possession, taken in the 1920s. ... As I understood it, from my mother, Douglas and Eric (his elder brother) were the sons of Charles and Grace Humberstone, who lived in South London (? Croydon). The boys used to come to the Forest during holidays and often stayed with the Hillers at Marshwell. I am not sure how the Hilliers and the Humberstones originally met, but it was a long-standing association. Perhaps the boys also stayed with the Evans family in Yorkley. What are the connections?".

David added: "... Now, I can shed some light on Christopher’s question. My uncle Fred Evans who was the electrician at Cannop Pit, was married to Gladys Hillier. I believe that Gladys Hillier’s father came from London and I think was related to the Humberstones. That’s how Douglas came to the Forest. My cousin ... in Lydney can tell me more about that, as Gladys was his mother. I was speaking to him a couple of nights ago by old fashioned telephone. I shall be in Lydney in April and I’ll take it up then. I wonder whether Christopher has photos with my relatives on them?" .

Charles Humberstone and Grace Humberstone (nee Pottle) appear in the 1911 Census in Croydon. Both give their birthplace as London. Douglas was born in Croydon in 1917 and Eric in 1913. (sources FindMyPast) - Ed.

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