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Children in the Playground at Bream C. of E. School

A photo of children in the playgroiund at Bream School

Playtime at Bream Church of England Junior School.

Bob Smith added: "... I was at Bream School a year later, having moved over from the Infants on the other side of the road. The end wall of the school on the right was a bit of a 'right of passage'. More skilful ( and usually older ) lads than me would clamber up a corner with their toes on the sloping stone ledge that stuck out a few inches. By grasping the tiny crevices in the course of stone work with their fingers they'd endeavour to make their way across the ledge to the other corner . Despite trying many times and right up until I left in 1972, I never managed it ! :( ".

Roger Mountjoy added (September 2020): "... I beleive that the Morris Minor belonged to the Headmaster Mr. Penkathman who went to Bells Grammar School with my father. I left Bream Junior School in the summer of 1961 and went to senior school in Cinderford after moving there from Bream".

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