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Coleford men outside the Angel Hotel

A photo of men outside the Angel Hotel, Coleford

Back L-R: 1, 2, 3 Sam Madley, 4, 5, ? Dowle, 6 Lieutenant Brown, 7 ? Jenkins.
Front L-R: 1 George Delaney, 2 ? Stephens, 3 ? Cook, 4 Sid Case, 5 Sidney George Burford (1896-1978), 6 Sgt/Major Tom Yarworth, 7 ? Prosser, 8 Charles Whitmore Smith , 9 ?, 10 Will Bick.

The poster far right says:

The Workers Educational Association.
Town Hall Coleford,
Seven Day,
Exhibition of Pictures,
by local artists,
including, Pottery and Sculpture,
Saturday 21st August
... Kenneth Craddock

Sarah Haxton added "... Charles Whitmore Smith (my Grandfather, ... owned the Post Office & Stores in Staunton)

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