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A parade in Coleford

An old photo of a parade through Coleford, Gloucestershire.

Clive wrote: "... A procession in Coleford, whether it was the carnival, I can’t be sure. ... I am the boy in short trousers to the left ..."

Terry Harper added: "... I don't think it's the Carnival. I don't remember there ever being any of the uniformed organisations taking part. Apart from that, the clothes all suggest that it is not in the summer, with all winter coats and children wrapped up. Remembrance time, perhaps? There is bunting about, which suggests some celebration".

Dave Nash added: "... It looks as if it may have been a Coleford carnival day.This always took place on the old August Tuesday which was the first Tuesday in August, the old Bank Holiday having been the first Monday in August. We can also see the blinds are down in both White and Miller butchers shop and Trotters (now Fairway's furnishing). This would suggest they were closed for a special occasion".

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