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Coleford Blacksmith's Shop

A paining of the fomer Blacksmith's shop - probably in Coleford.

This is a photo, dated 1960, of a painting by Stan Richards who lived next to the Baptist chapel in Newland St, Coleford. It belonged to Eddie Hill a former land agent for the Forestry Commission. Stan was a plumber who also worked with lead in the building trade. He played in dance bands.

We think that Stan painted this from memory and that it depicts the Blacksmith Shop that once operated in what is now Mushet Walk in Coleford. The man at the front right resembles Mr Jim Kilby who was a local preacher as well as a blacksmith and preached among other places at the Men and Lads Union at Broadwell. Mr Kilby lived in a cottage opposite the Pike House, Berry Hill (now demolished).

Simon who now owns the painting is very interested to find out anything about it.

Mike Jones added: "... I was born and raised at 'Fairview' across the road from the Kings Head. I can just recall old Mr Kilby although I think it might have been Killby?. His place was diagonally opposite the Pikehouse on the corner as if you were coming from Coleford and turning left for Staunton. His blacksmith shop was there too. He was known to us kids as 'Old Killby'. He was doubled up and walked about with one hand on his knee. A lovely old man - as most were to us kids those days. His Blacksmith shop was demolished to make way for improvements at the road junction as was a farm house etc. opposite corner (turning right for Five Acres). At that time I'm sure he worked alone".

Gill Knowles added: "... Mr Kilby was indeed a lovely old gentleman, and was a local preacher. Towards the end of his life he was almost bent double, but liked to continue with his work at the blacksmiths shop next to Terrett Taylor's ironmongery. At the end of his working day, my father Fred Fowler would help him across to the bus stop outside the Angel by using a wheelbarrow for transport".

Thaks also to Royston Pritchard.

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