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Coleford Secondary School in 1960.

A photo of Coleford Secondary School

A scan of an un-dated newspaper cutting of Coleford Secondary School in 1960.

Dave Nash added: "This photo was in the 'Review' a couple of years ago. It was submitted by someone trying to make contact with old school friends. Given the ages of some which I have identified I would say it must be at least 1960 and possibly 1961".


Row 3. 5) Max Morgan,24) Norman Cole,27) Clive Webley,29) Jim Pedrick. Row 4) 15) David Batts.
Row 2. 6) Jeff Nicholls, 10) Terry Jones, 14) David Short, 15)Lyndon Kear,16) Frank Hobman.
Row 1. 6) Barrie Morse,8) Keith Russell,12)Phil Weaver,20)Doug Cox,21) Malcolm Ball.


Row 4. 1 Helen Darby, 2 Joan Smith, 3 Ann Davy, 6 Jackie Howells, 9 Yvonne Sellars, 10 Hilary James, 11 Valerie James,(sisters) 12 Ann Jacobs, 13 Doreen Micle, 14 Sheila Jones, 15 Lynne Witt, 16 Sue Symonds, 17 Sheila Hairsine, 18 Linda Jones, 19 Christine ?, 20 June Gaulder, 21 Eileen Thomas, 22 Judy Alvis, 23 Rae Whitehouse, 24 Betty Jacobs, 25 Betty White.
Row 3. 1 Pat Reynolds, 2 Louise Shushler, 3 Eileen Moylett, 4 Alveena Hurcomb, 5 Valerie Roberts, 6 Sylvia Ward, 7 Angela Sellars, 9 Glenis Martin, 10 Isobel Rowlands,11 Francis Pritchard, 12 Susan Quirk, 13 Jill Marks, 15 Jackie Jackson, 16 Verity Burris, 20 Linda Swinburn, 22 Pauline Brooks, 23 Julianne Pace, 24 Sandra Bowley, 25 Judy Jones, 26 Beryl Freeman, 27 Isobel Sutton, 28 Sheila Smith, 27 Mr Thomas (gardener)
Row 2. 1 Miss Pollard, 2 Mrs Tye, 3 Mrs Price, 4 Mrs Powell, 5 Mrs Tucker, 6 Mrs Dorrington (secretary) 9 Mary Wilden, 11 Julie Mason, 12 Bruna Marangon, 13 Lilian Plant, 14 Katherine Hairsine.
Row 1: 3 Penny Freeman, 5 Brenda Prout, 6 Judy Evans, 15 Jacky Harris.

Does anyone have the original that we can scan?

Terry Jones added: "... This photo was taken in 1960. I believe I am just off the picture to the right. The other Terry Jones and I have been living in Canada since 1969".

Thanks also to Sue Mclean and Clair Whiffin.

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