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The Past Generation of the Forest of Dean.

A composite photo of the past generation in the Forest of Daen

Nigel wrote: "I was in the National Archives at Kew in August and came across the attached copywrite applications (below) by Frederick Nathaniel Jones, the photographer, of 8 Gloucester Road, Coleford...... This (the photo above) is clearly a companion photo to 'The Rising Generation of the Forest of Dean'. The copywrite application is dated 3rd April 1911. I don't recognise any of the people - I wonder if anyone else does?"

Peter Richards added: "... Lady 2nd photo above the letter N of the word Generation is my Great Grandmother Mary Young who was the keeper at the toll house on the Parkend to Bream road".

Gill Knowles added "... I was delighted to recognise one of these photographs. The lady immediately to the left of the sign, wearing a dark dress with brooch, and a white cap is my Great Grandmother who was born Lucy Tyler. She married twice, firstly to Thomas Pritchard who died, and then to my Great Grandfather Samuel Jasper Coole. Her father was a wheelwright living in Boxbush Rd, Coleford, and she ran an Ironmongers in later life. I know this is correct because I have the original photo in my possesion".

Sharon Pena added: "... I believe the lady on the lower left between the man with middle hair part and the women with the dark hat is Edith Wilden. Married to my uncle Jack or John Wilden. I don't know her maiden name. Maybe some one does. She died in childbirth in America and in now buried in the cemetery at St Briavels Parish Church along with her baby. Many other Wildins are also there".

Brenda Preest added: "... I also recognised Edith Wilden (nee James). She was my great aunt, my grand father's sister. She died in Montana U.S. on 6th Sept. 1907 and is buried in Bream, St James churchyard in the same grave as her parents. ...".

Francis Elizabeth Andrews
Francis Elizabeth Andrews (nee Jones).

Ron Andrews added: "... I was please to see a family member in the recent photo of "The Past Generation". The lady just below and to the left of the baby that is laying down is Francis Elizabeth Andrews (nee Jones) She is looking over her left shoulder and is wearing a high neck top with two vertical panels in the photo. I have a copy of the exact same photo (left)".

Pat Morris added (August 2015): "... 4th row from top, 6th man, immediately left of white circled man. I think this is William Morris, Coleford station master. See previous photo entitled William Morris of a group of men in a Coleford pub. also taken by F.W.Jones. It isn't from the same photo - no hat-but a strong resemblance."

The Past Generation - copywrite notice
The Copywrite application

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