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The old church, Scowles, Gloucestershire in 1972.

Scowles chapel 1972

David Dowle added: "... It was actually a Chapel of Ease and St John's Church, Coleford was its Mother Church. Its status meant that it could not hold Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals or Holy Communion. Evensong was conducted every other Sunday as I recall and was held at 3.00 pm. As a youngster my job was to ring the bell for 5 minutes before the start of the service and then, during the service, to pump the organ. One's concentration tended to wander during this so that the organ started to run of air producing a hiss from the organist to remind me to pump faster. She was a Mrs Webb who lived halfway between Scowles and Crossways. I got paid ten shillings (50p now) twice a year for my efforts. Riches, indeed, for a lad of 10 in the 1950s!"

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