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St John's church and school, Coleford.

A photo of Dt John's School in Coleford

Terry Harper added: "... The double gates where the lady is standing is the end of the Tram Road, and when I was at St John's School, in the early 1940s, it was used by the local pig sticker, whose name I forget, but our lessons were often serenaded by the squeels of the pigs being slaughtered."

Gill Knowles added: "... I attended St John's C. of E. school between 1947 - 1951. The headmistress was Miss Ethel Cole, and some of the teachers I remember were Mr Ken Pritchard, Miss Blanch, Mrs Nesta Childs, Mrs Jones, Miss Bailey. All the school marched up to the church for regular services where the vicar was the Rev .Brewin. F.W.M.L.K."

Joyce Prakel nee Davies added "... I went to St Johns school at 5 yrs old during the war, the siren would go and we were all marched to the cellars under the school, we were always very frightend. You watched the planes going over and often fire in the sky. It was very primitive.The school was on pillars, below I dread to think of what would have happened if the building had fallen on us, this was always on our minds. We were marched up to church with Miss Cole if there was something on. We were all given a halfpenny for the collection. Oh my, I could go on forever. Now at 83 its great to look back and remember scool days there. I remember my sister making Dennis Potter being an indian and tying him to the fence. Good days"

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